Oj kolego, co ty na to?

Don't have a life? Go demand one!

Oj Kolego?
Aaaah, the beauty of the early internets.... those were the days!

This journal consists of entries for friends and for the public. Even private ones! ;)
Just like it should be.
You can contact me to read "friends only" stuff, but I don't promise anything…
As a matter of fact I very much like the concept of "friends", on the internet just like in reality®.
I may even be considered a "friendly" person., sometimes.
But one thing must be said: SEO experts, please leave me alone…


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In case you are only interested in one of my tags, here are links to single topic feeds:
berlin tristesse -> RegionalRants®
my i18n -> Language and culture related stuff
applied geekery -> Maybe a little too self ironic?
reisen bildet -> Stuff from my rare travels.

Maybe i'll add more cute stuff here over time.

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