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Watching your DVD via iSCSI

Since the aforementioned LG N2R1 NAS has a built in DVD or BlueRay Burner AND is advertised to have iSCSI built in, one of the first superfluous desires of this person was to watch my Easter DVD from the NAS in bed another room over WiFi.
And it even worked, yay! \o/

Had I chosen to get me an Inspiron 11z or a Netbook without built in DVD this would have been even useful!
But no, I have the bigger model with DVD on board, so this knowledge is rather ähem: academic ;)
Anyway, to not forget those steps when I need them somewhere in the bright future and as a pointer for other hopeless nerds I decided to note them here:
  1. Put your DVD in the NAS. Then return to bed your laptop.
  2. Installation: Get iSCSI software: What do I need? (apt-cache search iscsi). Then install it: (apt-get install open-iscsi-utils open-iscsi)
  3. Detect the "target" ie. the NAS: (sudo iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p 192.168.xxx.yyy)
  4. Use your information to log in: (sudo iscsiadm --mode node --targetname iqn.2010-04.com.lge:hostcreds --portal 192.168.xxx.yyy:3260 --login).
  5. Now wait a few seconds for the DVD to show up on your Desktop.
  6. Launch DVD player (Dragon Player, VideoLAN, Totem el al) and watch the movie.
  7. Log out: (sudo iscsiadm -m node -u)
  8. Optional steps: Is there an open connection? Find out! (sudo iscsiadm -m session) I want to log in again and watch another movie: (sudo iscsiadm -m node -l) I want to log out again:(sudo iscsiadm -m node -u) Ad libitum.
Mission complete! Did I say I even actually watched a whole movie this way? It was UP. The Austrian voice actor is great! :-)

PS: When you get weird error messages (20, 111 eg.) it may help to restart the iSCSI service: (sudo /etc/init.d/open-iscsi restart)

(Kudos go to this rather old but still brilliant OpenSuse article that describes everything iSCSI from the very basics. I love this kind of documentation!)