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Easter achievements, sort of

New laptops (should) bring new challenges to ones backup strategies, right?
Thus a new NAS found it's way into my toy park, a LG N2R1 to be precise, a) because it looks good, b) I found a cheap one and c) it's silent.
So suddenly I not only had this now Kubuntu powered DELL Inspiron laptop to deal with, but also this little cube with a CPU that's slower than a Google Nexus One :-)

First disappointment: no SSH. How can a manufacturer of IT related stuff still offer gear without SSH access in 2010?
Of course a FTP server is built in. And the possibility to open the NAS to the world with one simple step.
What a nice invitation to the peaceful world of the interwebs to join your home network on port 21, thank you very much, LG :-P

But still it looks cute and is quiet. And some thoughtful people hacked SSH and Twonky support into it.
Surprise surprise, it even has a decent OS being Debian Lenny under the hood, of course I felt much more at home now.

After a bit of tweaking and tinkering I even thought I would have a got SqueezeBox Server running, which would have been awesome.
But unfortunately the requirements of the software made my NAS unstable and it "forgot" about its two hard drives in the process.
I tried a few times, changed the logger to the one from freebsdutils (a requirement to install mysql-server) and made other adjustments, but always got stuck somewhere after installation of mysql-dev stuff.

But there's good news, too: in all cases it was easy to get rid of the trouble and remove either the altered firmware or return to the original state. I even managed to recover my RAID after a new install!
But that was as far as I wanted to go this weekend.
Now it runs with the latest updates, without root and SSH access again and does what it's built for:
back up my laptop(s) to it's 1 TB RAID 1.

Finding a better place for a SqueezeBox Server shall be a challenge for the upcoming loooong, coooold and daaaark spring nights.


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24. Sep 2011 07:37 (UTC)
In the past there is that but in the future there will be notihing
how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do
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