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Cracow revisited, on slow rotations

As I wrote yesterday, while being in Kraków I also was at the theatre, the Scena Kameralna Starego Teatru, to be precise.
I don't want to write much about the Amfitrion interpretation of Wojciech Klemm, because as a foreigner one always brings different heritage and expectations to the room, thus the perceived communication is always another one than the one the director and the ensemble intended, while having their regular audience in mind.
For me it was a nice evening, but I found the comedy Klemm made out of Kleists work as well as the performance of the actors a bit underwhelming. Even more, when comparing it to Klemm's brilliant Piekarnia / Der Brotladen of Brecht, which I had the fortune to see last October at the Gorki theatre here.
Too much shouting at each other, too much repeating long sentences at each other, as if to ironisize Kleists version of the Greek vs.  the German "Klassik" language. Where in Piekarnia the mens' body language was cool and fun to watch, here I was left wondering, if the throwing and fighting between gods and humans - both with muscles, uiiiii! - is really a proper manifestation of the ongoing struggles.
Since it lasted only 75 minutes and when it ended I felt as if it was much too short I'll leave it at that with my criticizm. Kudos to the grafic studio for the nice program sheet.

Next in line, and according to my lineup before theatre I was in Zakopane. Originally I wanted to go to the Witkacy theatre there, but the gods decided it was time to celebrate both Witkacy's 125th and the theatre's 25th birthday, so of course there must have been celebrations in town throughout the whole week, but for me on that rainy day an exhibition of the theatre was all that seemed to be there.
A pleasant one, nonetheless. With two pictures of Jerzy Duda-Gracz and the nice "Piesek pana Boga", who would complain?

Adding pleasure to injury, at the restaurant where I ate afterwards they didn't have only two rather big aquariums, and they didn't have three big screens, two on the walls, one in the middle of the only guest room with different programs running, NO, what really intrigued me, was that the kelnerka even managed to watch music and fun videos on her big laptop, while the whole room got flooded with disco style music from even another, unrelated to anything, source.
Certainly one of the moments where the meaning of the word "overwhelming" got another facette for me. :)
Being at influences, one thing that really struck me during my whole stay was the fact, that 300m from the hotel there was a 24/7 TESCO.
Now of course we have supermarkets in Germany. Sometimes in throwing distance of each other.
But a) they're not open at night nor on Sundays. And b) you don't get more than 20 sorts of fresh fish in a normal suburbian supermarket.
If you want this sort of variety you have to live near the sea or you travel to the METRO or some more exclusive venue like the KaDeWe.
Or you're lucky and live near the French border ;)
The neighbourhood of this supermarket was so intrigueing, I instantly imagined a Jungle Camp kinda show, where people would have to survive 24 hours in the shop.
Of course somebody must have already done this. And if not, maybe to the better, because I'm sure people would die during such a show, wouldn't they?

Three Four more observations and I'm done:
a) we flew a Bombardier machine with room for about 80 passengers, with just TWO propellors. I didn't know if i should be scared more than normal, so I tried not to.
b) I asked at the PTTK in Zakopane for mountain climbing directions and am rather positive that next time I'll walk up there, just like John Paul II. and W. I. Lenin did before. But even for later in spring they wouldn't recommend trying it, it's got to be summer, and a night at the Morskie Oko nearby seems very reasonable.
c) I was very satisfied with my smartphone. As usual I had enough digital gadgets with me to kill a mole from a distance, but in reality the Samsung Galaxy and an Internet Starter SIM from PLAY for 20 PLN (about 5 €) was all I needed. I used it all the time, and although the installed Twitter client wasn't usable for posting - which maybe was a good thing ;) - everything else worked just as expected. Of course one could argue that the Android OS, especially in Samsungs 1.5 incarnation, isn't just there, yet, but the point is, it comes along nicely, just like an iPhone or Palm Pre. No need for laptops, netbooks or digicams anymore, and useful navigational services included.
Paying 5 € for 1 GB of data transfer over UMTS, even HSDPA or what it's called, is just incredibly cheap when you look at all the possible benefits.
I left the country with more than 700 MB of data transfer unused. (BTW: they sell these SIMS to anybody, totally anonymously! I'm 1000% sure this is how them frigging terrorists will win, Herr Innenminister!)
d) Cakes in Cracow are awesome. At nearly every corner in the old town there is a small, maybe even family driven shop where you can buy cheese cake and the likes by the kilo.
As a true admirer of this stuff AND of a Polish breakfast to start into the hard vacation day I'm wholly aware where these 2 previously unknown kilos of body mass come from. They're pure, mostly hand made Polish energy :D
Now my task will be to make this energy a bit more universal and volatile during the next weeks…
My pleasure!


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8. Mär 2010 23:05 (UTC)
I'm soooooo jealous!!!! :) Sounds like you had a ton of fun... We're starting to plan for the summer - can't wait!!
9. Mär 2010 08:49 (UTC)
No reason to be jealous at all! You'll have your fun on this old soil soon enough!
Especially with your weekly fruit torture routine I see no reason to complain, just the opposite: juicy joy everywhere \o/ and funny nuns for the desert! :)
10. Mär 2010 22:36 (UTC)
Very true :) I was wondering what to take with me, and I think I'll be taking some pastels :D
16. Jul 2011 00:51 (UTC)
very informative
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