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Lounge Music for Friends

Want music? Get some!

The company famous for cars with a star in front of the window for pedestrian hunting has also been doing something nice on the web publishing sector.
Every two months they have been releasing a free-as-in-beer music sampler in mp3 format for quite some time now, filled with lounge music of yet to be known tomorrow's music stars, called Mixed Tape.
And I have a collection of all of those! :)

While there are no restrictions for sharing this stuff I'm sure we're not allowed to republish these albums on the public interwebs.
This is where DropBox came into my calculations today: what if I just filled a folder with some zipped editions and shared them with friends?
I can't see any copyright infringement possibility here. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

So if you want some cool jazz or easy listening music from (not only German) talents of the last years, join my shared folder and take what you like.
If you don't have a DropBox, yet, you can join easily and get your own 2 GB of space to share with friends and family for free.
Bonus alert: if you use my referral code, we both get 250 MB more, so what's not to like in this deal?
There's also an iPhone client available and a client for Android seems to be in the making.
Seems to me like a cute way of keeping stuff in sync between machines and sharing safely with buddies.

PS: If you're not sure if I know you I think it would be kind to introduce yourself first. I would not expect to share stuff on/from my PC with total strangers.


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23. Feb 2010 08:07 (UTC)
Oh wow, oh wow... where do I start?? Okay that's a great idea, the music is actually really good, the only thing that still sort of doesn't make sense to me is.. Mercedes?? Huh. Oh well. Thumbs up! :)
23. Feb 2010 10:00 (UTC)
Sent invite.
Mercedes surely wants to lure us all into buying their cars by listening to this music in a Kia or Hyundai.
Which hasn't worked with me, though, because I don't own said Hyundai.
But maybe it's their patience that'll break all our necks one day. Metaphorically speaking. Yep.
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