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Notebook Nextgen

Today I ordered a Inspiron 11z laptop right from the German Dell website. It took me hours but I think I succeeded. Eventually.
I'm not sure if it was really worth the pain, yet, but rest assured, I'll let you know ASAP ;)

If you're looking for something like THE Dell experience vs. let's say an Apple experience, the difference is in how they try to confuse you while luring you into the buying decision.
Apple tells you a lot of stuff with a some nice pure photos and offers a straight forward buying process from A to Z and you don't feel like they had any hidden clauses. If only there were a "rebate" button, but well, can't have it all…
On the Dell website the horror begins with the entry to the store site. With flash galleries and a wealth of crossed out prices.

I tried to get a Linux laptop eg. a week ago since I knew they have a contract with Ubuntu and how nice! there's an option on their website that lets you choose Linux as an OS. Wow! I thought and stared at the beautiful Vostro V13 that seemed like just what I wanted.
Unfortunately some troll in the sales department seems to have a carte blanche for the web store, because I couldn't order this Vostro with Linux ANYWHERE in the store. Or any other reasonable notebook for a pro.
What I could have instead were price ranges for Extra RAM in the range of far over 200 € for just 2 GB and Vista 32-bit for a strong Dual Core CPU with 64-bit architecture. Thank you so much!
But since last week the Vostro has no Linux option any more, even worse: only one Netbook is left over as a place holder, it seems.

So how about my order, what was so difficult about it?
Well, of course you can click your way through the options one after the other and be done in 15 minutes with an order, especially if you have enough €/$ to spare and don't know what the competition is selling. (In my case an Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T was very close.)
But of course you'd still have to overlook more than one strange price and warranty option they want you to choose and the horror prices for some simple changes. All while they show you that you still get your stuff 250 € cheaper.
Cheaper than what, some vage list price or rather Michaels wet dreams?? Can't believe the latter ;)
So if you know what you want and have confirmed beforehand that the competition has nothing better and have ruled out a wealth of other laptops, THEN you start all over again at Dell and try to double check if what you can get is also what you need. From Dell.
And then maybe comes the moment when you even click ORDER. That's the proof you are brave.

Just as an example: the machine I ordered had an amazing discount of over 40%.
But had I just chosen the other of two possible entry configurations I would have paid 200 € more and gotten 1 GB RAM less.
For the same laptop.
Amazing freedom of choice, isn't it.

But that's not all. During February they have a 0% sale for a 12 months plan and I just had to try this process for once.
To my utmost surprise I wasn't even asked for my confession at all. But maybe that's still illegal somewhere.
But of course the fulfilling bank (not Dell!) tries to sell this old horse shoe where on the outprint they have a cross at me agreeing to being pestered by hordes of their marketing and sales people, where on the online forms such an option wasn't shown at any point.
Good try, next try! :)
Because that's why I don't go out at night without my black marker and a knife for the possible banker behind my back.

Next step: how to re-learn the "Windows way" after 12 years of abstinence and try not to delete it and go clean with Linux at once.


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10. Feb 2010 20:35 (UTC)
I just ordered the Dell Inspiron 546, on monday, thank you for sparing me tons of time and writing what I had on my mind... Except scratch the Linux part. I wish I knew Linux. I don't want to learn it - just, you know, KNOW it :)
10. Feb 2010 22:51 (UTC)
Hihihi, what a sweet coincidence! :)
Regarding Linux I totally understand you. I can only say that I learned it like and how I learned Polish: many challenging moments, many frustrations and only so much triumphs for a mortal.
The outcome of both hasn't been anywhere "monetizable", yet, but life changing mindset-wise nonetheless.
And since it's my life I decided that at least in these spheres I can do what I want to ;)
But the PowerBook G4 12' heritage will be a tough one for the Dell. As for any PC, I fear…
13. Feb 2010 00:33 (UTC)
Ok, I'd like to write some witty comment about computers, but I basicly have no idea about computers and I just know how to spill coffee on them ;) Ok, I also know how to re/instal Windows. But's that's it ;) And basicly I'd love to quote "Little Britain" and say "Computer says NO" ;)

ps. yes, using Lisbeth Salander's (Stieg Larsson's hacker heroine) uerpic was intentional :p
13. Feb 2010 10:43 (UTC)
This wouldn't be a nextgen PC if it wouldn't have coffee spill prevention built in! :-P
Actually not so much prevention, because that would obviously require a Windows 18 Ultra Awesome license - and M$ hasn't made those available just yet -, but some anti mainboard spill contact mechanique that comes with cheap rubber tissues under the keyboard. No rocket science, you see. Could have been in every laptop since the 80s. But the industry has to pay bills, you know, and you spillers certainly did the trick ;) It's basically the same trick which made people believe, that reinstalling or upgrading an OS to "Professional" actually does cure the plague the OS actually IS, hihihihihi.

But more seriously there are many times when I wish I could rewind memory and UNLEARN all the silicon dream shit my head aggregated during these years. What kind of other person would I be? Less mutant or even more…?

PS: Nice pic, indeed! But I'm with Kuczon in Silesian dirt, still. Larsson is on the spring schedule.
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