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Ellipticon, v. 0.1

I dreamt. And in this dream it was summer.
And on this bright summer day I suddenly dreamt of a very snowy winter.
Which I enjoyed. This dream.
Being a dream winter in the midst of a real summer.
Within my real dream. In winter.
It was amazing, as a game and an illusion. Of another dream.
Of two perfect seasons of happiness so close.

Nota bene: I wished these were exactly the words I dreamt.
But unfortunately I'm not too sure how much I managed to recover/restore. Sorry!
Why I found it noteworthy nevertheless is the fact, that I actually dreamt a specific poem word by word being the story of a winter dream within this dream of a summer. And all this in 3D-Technicolor®, of course :D
Which leads me to think that there's room for improvement… :)


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3. Feb 2010 21:39 (UTC)
Wow, I think you stumbled on some sort of a perfect description of the human mind there... :)
4. Feb 2010 11:07 (UTC)
Really? Uuuuuiiii! :)
If this is the case I have to do more of the stumbling, don't I?
5. Feb 2010 06:42 (UTC)
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"

Edgar Allan Poe

5. Feb 2010 08:42 (UTC)
Sweet, thank you! :)
This tastes a bit like a reference to Plato!
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