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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag


we had been planning a pre-xmas one day trip to Szczecin for a few weeks now, and on friday finally the time had come.
unfortunately time went just a little faster than we did and so it happened that we were a few minutes too late at the rail-station.
of course all of you who think that it may as well have been Anias fault, because her tooth brushing and getting dressed took too long are just plain wrong!
don't ever think anything like this again!

a quick check what else could be done with our Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket brought us to Frankfurt/Słubice with a train of the ODEG (instead of the DeutscheBahn).
this was the longest trip to Frankfurt ever, their trains drive half a circle through Brandenburg before finally arriving at the destination point.
but as i sad, we had the time… and enjoyed the sight.
the trip was still shorter than going to Szczecin would have taken.

after a fast walk through the city we passed the Viadrina university and their new buildings with not too bad architecture (rather rare in Germany) and then went on to cross the bridge/border to Słubice on the Polish side of the river.

it was stormy and snowed and there was no good record store, nor could we find any comics or cool shoes, which were the reasons for our trip in the first place :-(
but the dinner at the restaurant odra with neo-barok walls in white and pink was very welcome, as always.

after having wasted enough of our time walking through a snowy Polish half of a former city with just 50 years of history and the Mexican partner city of Tijuana we went back to Frankfurt and took the train to Cottbus.

when we arrived an hour later it was already dark and fortunately the christmas market was already over.
the one remaining stand with Glühwein was just perfect ;-)
Cottbus has become a very nice city in the last years, very many historic buildings have been restored.
you can see some of them here, don't you:

Und es war dunkel in Cottbus

after another short walk around the old town we took the next train back to Berlin to join the crowd of cazgatitas birthday party at about 11 pm.
lots of nice known faces in fine "advanced" moods :-)
but we were already a bit too tired for that kind of game and went home after what i think was not more than an hour and a half or so, one vodka (thx!) and a few beers.

next morning my blisters told me how many kilometres we had gone.
so instead of doing even more walking we watched the movie Code 46.
a very nice love drama with a classy visualization of a probable future.


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19. Dez 2005 14:34 (UTC)
are you coming to south germany for xmas?
i will be in schwarzwald at the 28.12 for do styling of a fotoshooting, so maybe tere would be time to meet somewhere...

19. Dez 2005 15:04 (UTC)
we'll stay in Berlin for xmas, so unfortunately no meeting this time :-(
maybe early in spring, when i go and fetch the Flocati from my parents.
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