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If you don't want THEM to follow…

There's a new feature in Google Reader, that allows everybody to create a custom feed of any website, even one that doesn't offer any RSS or Atom feed.
For all the bloggers out there this news isn't interesting at all, because I'm sure most of us use the possibility of Wordpress, LJ, Blogspot etc. to just blow them feeds loudly out into the vast desert of the interwebs.
But there are others, who are more shy or who have relatively static corporate websites for the reason that changes of content just aren't trackable automatically too easy, to mention only two scenarios of opposers to this idea.

For those the helping information on how to prevent Google Reader observing your content is here.
What you have to do is add this meta tag to every single of your pages you don't want to be "observed":

<meta name="googlebot" content="noarchive">

The other mentioned option to exclude the Googlebot absolutely from your website by means of robots.txt would apply only to very few cases, I think. And those have their arms up already for some time.