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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Customer beware, this is not water! © 2007 Matthias Pflügner by CC 3.0-BY @ http://www.thewavingcat.com/about/A good friend of mine made me aware of a little questionnaire on HammerKit's Twitter with the following points:
- What is your web angst?
- What makes you scream when doing stuff on web?
- What annoys you in #webdesign? IE? Flash? Tables? Share with us!

Since I've suffered from headache for the last two days I thought my brain might need a couple minutes of pleasure, so I answered those right away.
Not sure if my head feels better now, but let's just pretend my rant skills have just been improved by 50XP :)

@1. IE hast just recently officially imploded, so is there anybody out there still coding for it under the age of 85? (Exept in some perhaps mainly German ministeries, that is… but this joke's worn out, that's how bitter the truth is.)

@2. Flash in ads doesn't annoy me any more, it's just disrespectfully avoided. If Adobe doesn't come up with amazing stuff soon their shiny plugin might just join the way of the Dodo. Of course our everyday Joe Surfer would have a totally different POV here, but you asked me.

@3. I haven't actively noticed tables used in web design in a long time. Do they still matter somewhere?

4. I hate applications that don't respect my browser's "Back" button and when in their error messages the programmers try to explain to us that their underlying business logic is so superior to the world, the universe, everything that they couldn't be bothered aligning with usability and web standards.

5. I find it really really annoying when web people talk clients into "SEO" when what they try is just not to admit that they're cheating with "relevance", and fortunately it's only their clients reputation which is at risk.
This feels a bit like when back in the days suddenly "frames" and "spacer gifs" were needed everywhere: stupid ideas, gazillions of bad implementations and recovering from this shit is still an ongoing process.
SEO should be a term of quality assurance and not marketing gibberish for PowerPoint aficionados feverishly trying to hide their cluelessness.

6. Designers plastering the Internet with complex layouts for always bigger default screens. They're completely missing the point that even on a net book or 3.4" smartphone screen the user is king. Who loads your intro screens, who wants your background music, when CPU power and battery life are common enemies?

7. And finally: Designers Developers of "apps" with web sites that can't be instantly browsed from their target group's smartphones. This makes for an instant loss of reputation. Even if the app is for free. I wouldn't drink these peoples' milk even if they showed me their cow on Skype!

8. Oh, and one more rant, in a humble recognition of Mr. Jobs' upcoming public announcements:
Mobile phone companies with Flash 9 plastered all over their shops and community websites? Does any of this crap even load in a minor percentage of their products? Nooo? Poor decision makers. (This would include Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson and certainly many others. What were they smoking while employees at Apple and Google did their homework?)

Rant over. Friede den Hütten, y'all.
Illustration Credits (CC BY 3.0): Matthias Pflügner @ Peter Bihr

EDIT: There's a not unrelated Nokia afterglow, which I wrote shortly afterwards.


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22. Jan 2010 17:57 (UTC)
was just searching for "like" button. :P
22. Jan 2010 18:03 (UTC)
Thanks! :)
Perhaps you should start a petition for one?
22. Jan 2010 18:06 (UTC)
---> goes and starts a facebook group!

22. Jan 2010 18:26 (UTC)
What a pity! But hej, you could have also *Liked* my rant over @ FB! There seems to be something *clickable* for the lazy and/or illiterate! :P

EDIT: …where - of course - YOU are not one of this target group! Just adding this to make sure not being misunderstood!

Edited at 2010-01-22 18:28 (UTC)
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