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Instant Half Knowledge

As some might know I spend an awful lot of time on all kinds of very important and useful research.
At least that's what I'd like you to call it when I'm present. :P

One cheap and handy tool in dealing with foreign wisdom is the now instant translation of the Google Translator website.
You don't have to hit "Enter" any more to get preliminary results. Very nice.

I hope you are not too disappointed that like many things "Google" also this useful piece of weaponry against mankind's ignorance and boredom has severe weaknesses, as shown in Exhibit A

: Translatio Interruptum

Can somebody out there help us with a better translation before 2012, please?


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17. Dez 2009 15:45 (UTC)
"I've been in a same band with somebody in this group". - i think:
this finnish sentence is quite poor language, so no wonder that google gets confused, if it's hard for me to be sure what was meant. :D

Google is quite funny trying to translate comments also in Picasa web albums. It's... hilarious, most of the time.

17. Dez 2009 15:55 (UTC)
You sure it says "band" and not "bed"? :D

As you can see, I take the challenge seriously! If only I could figure out which of those words are part of this "poor language" ;)
17. Dez 2009 16:10 (UTC)

even much better! XD
17. Dez 2009 16:22 (UTC)
As soon as I'll be writing your authorized star biography I shall reserve a whole chapter to the meaning of all this, rest assured! :D
17. Dez 2009 16:23 (UTC)
Yes, I'm sure. :)
Poor language is not in any of the words itself, it's how they're used - "jonkun tämän ryhmäläisen" just isn't very... how should I put it... fluent.
"Olen ollut samassa bändissä jonkun tähän ryhmään kuuluvan kanssa", would be more fluent finnish - if I understood the meaning correctly. (->"somebody who belongs to this group"). But don't get depressed, I'm just little bit too precise about using finnish language. ;)
17. Dez 2009 16:24 (UTC)
^ That was me.
17. Dez 2009 16:39 (UTC)
Of course you were! Still are, even! :)
17. Dez 2009 16:37 (UTC)
Hmmmm, quite interesting!
You also mean by this that depression is maybe *not* an inherent part of the knowledge of Finnish culture itself and in reality just like I *everybody* could get depressed, even eg. Austrians or Northern Americans? :P
Wow, what a bold theory!! If only Freud had known!
I always thought I have a few Finnish genes in me when I felt sad and lonesome :(
19. Dez 2009 10:37 (UTC)
You´re crazy! :D
19. Dez 2009 10:46 (UTC)
That's what the doctors told my mum, too, years ago!
But we mistrust them. :-P
19. Dez 2009 10:53 (UTC)
BTW: I entered the phrase you proposed into said mighty translator and it gives me:
"Ich habe zusammen in einer Band für diesen einen aus der Gruppe wurde mit"
Which finally makes my own language nearly as uncomprehensible to me as yours…
Congrats, mission accomplished! :D
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