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short vs. long: The battle is over

While in my inbox every now and then I get strange emails promising the mysterious prolonging of body parts, on Twitter it seems you need not one, but many services to shorten stuff.
Is this a cultural battle, I wonder?
Perhaps we need a third force?! I thought lots of thoughts and went on many Castaneda like journeys through my mind and I'm glad to say, I finally found something!
So I hereby declare that I am the sole inventor of a string prolonging "Smiley Shortening Service".

Explanation: Just like with URL shorteners you hand some content over to the service and back you get a short url for insertion in your messages.
But unlike URL shortener services with a Smiley Shortener the link you get back for enhancing eg. a simple ";-)" will be LONGER, like let's say:
The page you get after clicking such an URI will show you a beautifully rendered smiley. Or a chinese smiley. Or an ASCII art smiley. The possibilities are amazing!
Of course I publish this bright idea unter a CC Attribution 3.0 licence free for your taking!
If this is not a big step into the direction of soluting some of the most mysterious problems of mankind I don't know what pills you take for not getting right into IT.


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11. Dez 2009 04:09 (UTC)
Short is so the new long :D
11. Dez 2009 11:04 (UTC)
Hell yeah! There's just nothing in between! :D
11. Dez 2009 23:27 (UTC)
Grey - boring. Must live in extremes. Humans don't notice subtlety.
12. Dez 2009 11:55 (UTC)
Uuuuuh la laaaaa! What a stunning emanuation of wisdom in this almost unexpected moment!
Thank you, I shall remember and cite this often! :)
( 4 Kommentare — Kommentar hinterlassen )