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Apropos Eljay

LJ is not dead, yet. Not at all.
It's still the only social network with a fine grained understanding of privacy.
Of course Facebook users don't care. But eventually the news will get there, as more and more profile harvesting by companies and more or less secret services takes place.
I don't know about you, but I like my private pics really private, between LJ and me. And not only so lala obfuscated with stoopid URIs pretending security...

That said, I'd like to mention ElJay, which is a nice, free little editor in the Android Market with which I've just written this entry and besides that it doesn 't retrieve my tags and won't let me browse and modify posts just yet it has all I need to feed this humble space.
I like it.

Edit: Of course ElJay can't upload my photos to the service, it's text only. This long(!)standing short(!)coming and games obviously are areas where LJ will never catch up, it seems…