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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Belle Revealed

So while my laptop was out of service for a week due to a short cut cable BelleDeJour has outed herself.
And nobody told me.
Douchebags y'all. :-P

There wasn't much "sensational" stuff to read in the last year or two on her blog any more, but hey, there was enough down in the trunk anyway.
Before her books got published reading what she wrote was at least illuminating me in more than one corner of my self.
And I do not mean the chicken dirt.
Women with intelligence, humour and an active sexual self expression have always fascinated me.
Perhaps because their paths are the ones I can not walk even in my imagination.

I wonder if now there's enough buzz around her to get her work translated into German?
And I wonder if the yellow press got brakes installed that hinder them to hunt down the A's and T's and other REAL PEOPLE?