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Who needs netbooks anyway

Like, well, me for instance…

I see my trusted PowerBook G4 12" is slowly arriving at Cap EOL, so I have been looking for a replacement for quite some time.
And, well thanks Apple, I'm not going to buy anything bigger.
So is Lenovo going to get my bid or Samsung or who?
Hmmm, sooo many options, and do I really still need FireWire, and well, the noise factor, the battery life factor, the f*cking glossy screen factor, the must-support-Linux factor etc…: THIS REALLY IS A NIGHTMARE!

Since some of you know me and my over all creepiness at least a little, you may recall that I'm the guy with the prooved "Übersprungverhalten". Hehehe :D

What I did a few minutes ago was order me a flight to Tel Aviv in two and a half weeks.
No hotel, yet and no car and nothing but the flight back and forth. Just a week's stay over there.
And all because an inner voice told me: "Every goi (גוי) should have been there and now you're the one who's going. GO!!"

I just hope nobody stands up in front of me tomorrow and says:
"You're going to need a visa to get there. And you won't get it."
OTH what would I care.

EDIT 3 minutes later: Weeeeell. Moron I am I booked a flight in a year. Funnyfunnyfunny.
It's also cool, but well, with a slight side effect :)
In that I STILL don't want to buy meself a frigging netbook!
Cheap moving travelling directions for me for end of October, please, people!


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9. Okt 2009 19:52 (UTC)
Go there, and tell me if it's good! :) Mmmm.... szerokiej drogi! :D

* Address
14-16 Shocken St, Southern Tel Aviv

* Phone
681 8066

Down a windswept street in southern Tel Aviv, amid motorcycle shops and warehouses, sits this extremely popular rooftop Indian restaurant. The setting is reminiscent of a Sinai tiki-camp, complete with floor mattresses, colourful carpets and low tables, but the food is definitely Indian.

You have your choice of three types of vegetarian thali and homemade drinks - try the mango lassi. There is a very mellow, secret-society vibe here and the owners Uri and Neta are dedicated to preparing food with the freshest ingredients, all making it worth the long trek. A word of advice: the door downstairs is hard to spot and looks locked - don't worry, it's not.
9. Okt 2009 21:10 (UTC)
Wielkie dzieki! Oczywiscie ide! Wtedy! ;)
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