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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Danke, Amazon, für die wirklich hervorragende Motivierung beim Suchen nach Alternativen zu dir.
Mir war ja in letzter Zeit schon ein wenig unwohl, wieviel Kohle und auch IT-Energie ich bei dir investiert hatte.
Ich hab ja von DVDs über Spiele, Schuhe, Sportkleidung bis hin zu CPU-Zeit und Cloud-Speicher zo ziemlich ALLES bei dir gekauft, was ging.
Dass das naiv von mir war, hast du der Weltöffentlichkeit samt mir auf einen Schlag klar gemacht.
Nochmal: danke.

Viel Spass dann noch in Deiner Welt.


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21. Jul 2009 18:37 (UTC)
Du wirst lachen, aber mir geht's ganz genau so... Wurde mir in letzter Zeit auch immer unheimlicher, wie die sich in immer mehr Bereiche ausgebreitet haben. Mir kam auch schon der Gedanke, wieder verstärkt Alternativen zu suchen - da kam die Kindle-Aktion als letzte Bestätigung genau richtig. ;-)
21. Jul 2009 18:49 (UTC)
What did they do?? Did they start killing baby seals? :/ I have no TV, this is one of the ways I get movies, why are they evil?
21. Jul 2009 19:22 (UTC)
They killed some books from their clients' Kindles, which these clients had legally purchased from Amazon, but these ebooks turned out to be unlegally offered by the publisher.
But to delete books remotely from one's own Kindle, how funny is that!
The irony of life® wanted it that among the books were 1984 and Animal Farm. I read about it here: http://www.osnews.com/story/21852/Amazon_Uses_up_the_World_s_Irony/
23. Jul 2009 08:43 (UTC)
Yeah! But then you also never should by at the itunes store anything. You never should us Apple Software and Apple Computers and Microsoft stuff for sure not and so on. This world is stupid and crazy and what Amazon did is a very very bad idea. But I anyway never would by a kindle or something similar. I want to smell paper and want to let hang out something I found to mark, were I closed the book and I want to see my progress at the amont of papers on the left and right side. And I want to lent it someone or wrap it around some prensetpaper for a good friend. My 1984 is still in my bookshelf and George is waiting under a blanket to be punished with my fingers and sending signals to any MIDI-Device for some music... :-D
23. Jul 2009 09:15 (UTC)
Call me stoopid, but in fact I haven't bought anything but 5 songs from the ITMS ever, I have successfully been avoiding M$ products for quite some years and the Kindle wasn't of any interest for me. Until now.
Because what Amazon demonstrated here is an evil attitude, and it is as bad as the attitude of Apple, M$, IBM, Telekom etc.

I won't rely on their IT infrastructure and technology as a viable cloud computing solution any more, because if they so decide to shut something down only *because they can* how stubborn would I be to even consider them partners...

But I ordered some books and a game for the kids just yesterday. And I can deal with the shame ;)
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