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LJ knows where I am

That's a cool new feature for us travellers!
Just click on the "Detect" button at the Location field of a new entry and if you have Gears installed and are online via WiFi it inserts your current location with the accuracy of a few numbers of the street. Wow.

I just testet it, it works as advertised and my ignorance of the processes behind this feature made me shiver.
There are not much of the interesting evolvements in IT I know so little about.
So thanks, LJ, for making me aware of the state of the art in location based services.
Some Missions now certainly seem much more Possible ;)

Sure, there are no voodoo spells involved.
But in times where governments gather vast amounts of IP traffic data and Google itself collects whatever there is to do with it whatever can be done a single click on "Detect" might be the wrong decision


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17. Jul 2009 16:27 (UTC)
The end is nigh...
17. Jul 2009 23:30 (UTC)
I to JAK! :)
18. Jul 2009 20:29 (UTC)
Nawet nie slyszalam o 'gears' - teraz trzeba bedzie sprobowac... :)
19. Jul 2009 09:47 (UTC)
Niecierpliwie czekam na te posty z podanym miejscem pobytu! ;)
19. Jul 2009 19:10 (UTC)
Okaay - zainstalowalam.... cos sie dzieje??
19. Jul 2009 21:21 (UTC)
Jeśli teraz napiszesz nowy post w LJ i klikniesz przy "Location" na DETECT to wpierw powinien się ukazać dialog z pytaniem czy pozwolisz Gears na kontakt z LJ.
A po tym powinnas widziec swoj dość dokładny adress, pod warunkiem, że jesteś połoczona z netem przez WiFi.
Czekam na pierwszy post prosto z plaży!! :D
( 6 Kommentare — Kommentar hinterlassen )