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Recipes for a better living, part 388

I have always been a fan for "poor art" in the sense that you don't need much to express yourself, make yourself and others happy and/or explain the world.

True, isn't it? :D
So, without further ado: yesterday I coined a new cocktail for all them poor and freezing artists out there, called it "Haydee Tai" and served it to masteremit , cazgatita and Anna on my balcony.
It consists of some of stuff you'd need for a real fat Mai Tai, but since it was sunday and the shops were closed and I've lost my purse a week earlier anyway I had to help myself with what the kitchen offered to make the gathered artists smile.
It worked!! :)

HayDee Tai

4 cl orange juice
2 cl ananas juice
6 cl  cheap white rum
2 cl sugar sirup
juice of a quartered citron
A candied slice of lemon
Some mince leaves for decoration
Crushed ice ad libitum

Stir it, baby!

Disclaimer: No bartender equipment was used during the making of it, earth shaking was carefully omitted also and puppies weren't hurt, either.


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20. Apr 2009 15:29 (UTC)
it was delicious!! :P~

and yeah, it was so cold at the balcony! *brrrr*
21. Apr 2009 15:28 (UTC)
Totally not true!!
It was soooo HOT on the balcony!!
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