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At Service

Hehehe, it was about time:
Finally the time for Mac owners has come to show that it's not so much the OS and the machine but the brain of the user that decides, how stupid or intelligent the outcome of typing and mousing their way through the internets is… :)
The short story is: somebody apparently emitted a Trojan for OS X with a cracked copy of iWork '09 which now is called, quite neatly, "OSX.Trojan.iServices"
. Got to love this name.
Didn't Apple have any patents for these, yet?
High time to sue the world, don't you agree? ;)
Screenshot of iServices.Not.Trojan

(I confess I don't have any virus protection on any of my Macs and I don't plan to buy any after reading the news.
Does that make me stooopid?
Don't think so.
Because I'd never download and install pirated stuff from unknown/untrusty sources.
I'm not doing this on the Mac, don't feel the need for it on Linux and on Windows I don't think it would be smart, either.
I just can't afford the underlying risks and costs, that's why!