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Mózg - dziwna rzecz

Strange thing happened this morning right before I awoke:

Somehow I suddenly remembered this old youTube clip I had posted here a while ago and I wondered if I already had tagged my videos then…
And you know what: I had.
And it turned out it was exactly a year ago that I had written about Silvana Manganos evergreen here.

I don't think my inner clock is so trustworthy. Rather the opposite.
So what made my brain return to this unspectacular oldie?
I have no idea.

But in tough times, I said to myself, it's my humble task as a citizen to inform the public and the forces we don't mention about such a perhaps important incident.
At least in some secret department somewhere somebody may now get a clue about my inner functionings and finally close the chapter wherein it says that the owner of this humble blog might be a sleeper

Which, of course, I am. Every night again.
Have a nice day.


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15. Jan 2009 18:32 (UTC)
ciekawie. podobal mi sie post.
wciaz masz swietny styl pisania,o taaak :)
15. Jan 2009 21:09 (UTC)
Dziekuje Ci bardzo!
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