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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Cryptic Lessons

So disc encryption as a means to prevent others from getting access to my stored information is obsolete at the moment.
Sigh. I knew it wouldn't last… :(
I'm very curious what the guy in tomorrow's talk gets out of that mess ;)
(Note to self: ask the GELI guy about the FreeBSD framework impementation and it's vulnerability)

Sadly, some of today's lectures had such a bad frame rate that I couldn't watch more than a few minutes.
Apparently the fault lies within the FritzBox WiFi, and I found the remedy by just switching to my private Fonera network.
Which I found out in the middle of the third speech. Bummer. But anyway: problem solved.

And since I'm sick and can't do useful stuff at all (!) :D I decided to upgrade Debian on my old Lime 333 MHz iMac with a mind boogling 256 MB RAM to Lenny.
What a charm!
Makes for a quite useful Remote Music Client system in the kitchen, without any future need of Steve's approval as to the life time of such a "legacy" computer. (It still has a working Tiger installation with iTunes, for the time being.)
But those Debian people sure deserve hugs at every other corner of the street! ;)
(Not sure if that's what they're aiming at, but SOME SIGN OF APPRECIATION of their work sure is in order…)

For the end of today an old piece of Roger Chapman might do. Not the version I knew before, but at least a start!
Take 8, Schaeubles of the world! :P