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"Can't help about the shape I'm in…"

Umfrage #1306342 Holy Guacamole!

I have to admit it: I love Guacamole! At the same time I just hate Tortilla Chips. But they're such a perfect couple that I'm getting fatter from just the thought of trying some. In order to not become a fat old fart, what would you suggest me to do?

There's no way out, you're trapped.
Praying might help.
Returning the goods might help.
Drinking Tequila and vomiting afterwards might help.
All of the above.
That's an early example of a German Troyan and Schäuble's sick phantasy, so you're trapped as well.
It's late 2008 and you just shouldn't listen to Little Feat any more. Try Bloc Party instead, they're 100% Guacamole free!