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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

I know, I owe you photos and a story about my short trip to Lviv.
Now, that you know that something like this had happened, anyway. ;)
But I haven't even had a look at the material myself.
Not only am I lazy, but also my Nokia's lanyard hinge decided to let lose, thus giving gravity enough excuse to crash the screen on the floor.
Which would set me 90 € back, if I would be so inclined to let them repair it.
Remember: Nokia supposedly doesn't accept any breakage of screens as guarantee cases. Even if it's their fault. I wish an American "McDonalds Spilt Hot Coffee Class Law Suite Case" upon them for this. And I already hate them for their 01805.... service phone number. Rant over.

So I got me a new mobile phone, that'll hopefully arrive on wednesday.
To take proper photos next week.
When I think I'll have even more reason to take shots than during the 5 days in the Ukraine, hehehe.
I'm even sure.

Let's celebrate this with proper 2008 Hippie music.
Check out this HD video at youTube, if you want:
Electric Feel by MGMT. (Unfortunately it's not embeddable)
"all along the eastern shore
put your circuits in the sea
this is what the world is for
making electricity
you can feel it in your mind
oh you can do it all the time
plug it in and change the world
you are my electric girl

said ooh girl
shock me like an electric eel…"