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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

I saw that the program of Przystanek Woodstook includes Daab and The Stranglers.
After Manaam, Daab was the second Polish band I ever saw in good old West-Berlin.
They "rocked" their reggae in Schöneberg for at least four hours. I even got an LP.
Well, and The Stranglers remind me of a very cool coke hole behind the Yorckbrücken, where I went quite often after my night shifts selling Currywurst vis-a-vis the KaDeWe in the days before MTV was all over Europe.
For social studies and 2 beers and the famous and NSFW Nice 'n' Sleazy video clip of course, because of it's stunning… eeeerm: base line! :D
If you don't know it, klick and watch it right now! Rozkaz!

So much excursion into history from Grandpa® for now.

I'm nevertheless looking forword to now 3 days of Przystanek very much, because I'm sure it will be a great party of and for the youth. And me, too.

In other news Zemfira was brought to my attention a few days ago and I'm fond she was.
Please enjoy, if you will, some Blues video on youTube with a rather surprising ending, visually speaking. It's even subtitled in English, so there's not much of an excuse... ;)

Postscriptum: Here are the lyrics in cyrillic, transliterated and in English translation.