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An (Internet) Era Ends

I decided to not prolong my dot mac account, despite my always tempting rainer@mac.com address.
Remember: His Steveness address is (was?) steve@mac.com.
And I was just very fast then, when he announced the iTools-service (which later was renamed .mac)
But yesterday Apple announced the new iPhone centric me.com and dot mac will merge into this.
Of course someone will be very keen to get rainer@me.com
But it's not me.

I respect the course Mr. Jobs and Apple have gone over the past years and I'm fond to have been an early adopter.
We're departing.
I wish them all the masses they can get.
As always, I have been routing around them already and I am way ahead of this crowd and don't need a longer iPhone penis. ;)

At the moment I find it much more influential for me, that Peter Rühmkorf has died and with him some of the best lyrics of my early adulthood and some kind of an anti-mentor have gotten the sign "end of life".

Just when somewhere else on this overpopulated mothership earth a new form of life is just about to begin.


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13. Jun 2008 19:47 (UTC)
My friend Fauzi says "It's also rumored that he uses steve@apple.com"
World class dorkdom. ;)
14. Jun 2008 15:03 (UTC)
yeah, those were the days, when an email address still really "meant" something to the proud owner :D
feels like centuries away, doesn't it?
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