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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

See me, feel me…

Seems I haven't run any music video for some time.
That's not proper behaviour and it shouldn't happen again.
So for the month of June I "return to the classics".
And I'd like to declare this a summer of hot rock and romance. Yes.
Do you recognize this tune? You should.
"Listening to you
I get the music.
Gazing at you
I get the heat
Following you
I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet!

Right behind you
I see the millions
On you
I see the glory.
From you
I get the opinions
From you
I get the story."

Yes, it's dedicated to you.

Klick to see the youTube Video of a Live performance of "Go to the Mirror" by "The Who".