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Daily Bike Race: The Verdict

Many humans are lazy and stupid and stupid and lazy. And lazy. And stupid. And lazy, too...

But let me explain:
Since I got my new job I nearly daily pedal my bike the 7 km to and from work.
Berlin has perfect weather and street conditions for this.
The ride takes me between 20 and 25 minutes. Never longer.

Today I drove my Ducati to measure the advantage of an explosion engine and 80 hp beneath my bottom for such a trip through town.

Although I had very few and fluent traffic it took me exactly 20 minutes to get to my parking lot.
To be clear: this is a sport motor bike.
Although I didn't break any traffic rules there's no way to come even near this time by car, how fast it may be.

I was thinking: how comes, that so many office workers in this country suffer from heart diseases and overweight, which they try to compensate by means of "muscle factories" and diets, while one obvious solution to their problem would be going to work by bike?
They could be at work and home in less time than by car and this even cheaper and healthier!
I know, I know, that's not an option for many people for many reasons.
And I'm taking the pros of public transportation into account.

But: Our streets are full with unhappy people behind steering wheels waiting for their moment in the daily stop-and-go race.
And then they get their phone calls and their brains take an obvious out time and... and... and... :(
How can these people stand so many sad moments every day?

I suspect that there is something in our food or water that makes us immune to our own intelligence.

And I'm not even beginning to discuss the different "carbon footprints" of our actions.

PS: Of course, if the streets were full with bicycles, I would certainly drive by motor bike more often. ;)
Why should I be any less stupid than the average human, if by that more fun could be had? :P Just kidding.


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31. Mai 2008 07:13 (UTC)
Sooooo true!!! i regognized, during daytime, a bike is the fastest way to come from A to B in Berlin. Going by public transportation takes more time. Car is often the slowest possibility. I would say Car, then public transportation, then motorbike and then bicycle. Of course it should be calculated the whole process with finding a parking place and so on. Not just sitting in the car and on the bike and then start and measure, when you reach a place.

But hey, thanks to the oil industry, the bike industry will increase and people become more healthier. Even the air will become better. So one of my oldest dream will come true. :-D At the same time, this is also a problem. Sometimes I really would need a car and also a driving license. But I just live to long in this city and just for the less moments I was to lazy (and it was for a long time also a money problem) to make a driving license. And if you have one, then you should get some practise. Damn... But I do not want to go by car in the city, if I really do not need to transport some heavy things around.

Anyway. Soon I will buy a bike again and then we both have one. I planed some trips by bike outside of Berlin and maybe also one to the Baltic Sea :-). Could be fun. And its cheap...
31. Mai 2008 07:23 (UTC)
That sounds like a very cool idea. Go for it!
A coast trip from Riga to Klaipeda eg. would certainly be nice!
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