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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Complaining about the weather

While I see that it's cold outside and sunshine makes me feel better, too, than ugly rainclouds all over the sky, what I don't understand is, that people bother to write about how this winter is too long and how darkness should come to an end and that easter was way too cold etc.

Hello, braiiiiiiiiins, anybody in there?

Isn't this the point, where you should just open up your very own pathetic Twitter account and twit your oneandahalf followers with your elaborate daily - nooo hourly! - climate concern nonsense, but not all the internets, Google AND my mothers poor innocent RSS feed??
I understand that we all want to talk about the weather just like about eating, drinking and the lack of really satisfying sex all the time.
But are these subjects worth to really write about in public?
I just read one rant about frigging cold easter days too much in the last days, me thinks.

People. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Go outside. Enjoy that you still can feel it's freezing cold outside.
Or sunny later on this year. Etcetera.
There's a variety for some reason!
Please take my cheap 5 cents of advice: in less years than you expect you will be gone, and some weather will still be there.
All, but not yours any more.
So better deal with it. And don't waste your time writing rants about it.

PS: I can. Because in an earlier life I was a wind wmaker® :P