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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Things we won't see on TV any more

It's a lazy friday® today, and I'm in Copy & Paste mode, so why not offer some more nostalgic dance fun in black and white?
This time with Czechs in form of the Banjo Band of 1978.
Even with translations and guitar notion in the infos! Wow!
More or less at a time when elsewhere people went crazy with Disco Fever these true heroes fought against monsters with banjos, a dancer and some weird whistles!
Eat this Mr. Dub Bush!1!!

Funny thing the video seems to be quite popular in Poland at the moment.
In a strange matter of coincidence the author of this article also mentions "Dragostea din Tei".
I tend to think there's something in the air at the moment. Like spring, perhaps.
Link to youTube Video "Jožin z Bažin"

Possible moral of it?
The dancer always get's the girls' attention.
Lub tym podobnym...