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fake religious leader

Of course our politicians still behave stupid enough for a good, cynic, daily laughter.
But Mr. Cruise made for a welcome diversion about a week ago with his "wisdom tape".
In case you haven't seen it, sorry, I don't want to link it, his Bla Bla Bla just hurts too much.

Nowadays, as soon as you do something cool (or idiotic) somebody "Fake" turns up and does your job better than you. Like Fake Steve, for instance, a journalist pretending to be the leader of Apple, with a blog as his only weapon.
Well. Who thought this would have been last year's trend?
Because now we have a Fake Tom in front of the lens.
I don't think he's better, but shorter in this case lowers our pain.
And the imitation of stupidity is a very hard discipline.
<sarcasm on>S. th. I know about for sure</sarcasm off>

Q: Link to the video on funnyordie: "Is there a brain attached to this person?"