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appreciated cosmetic changes

I have to say that I like the changes on the navigation menu of the main and friends pages of LJ.
IMHO they make it finally a useful part of the infrastructure.
GUI space still is precious even in 2008 and there never was a need for a "Powered by Livejournal" polluted strip on top of the page like SixApart obviously thought it would have to be.
(In my case eg. this made the search feature there completely unusable, because the remaining field length was about 10 px maximum on the 12" PowerBook G4 with its 1024x768 screen)

Everybody who (still) has a "live" journal here knows the benefits of the platform and will be able to tell people about its weaknesses and strengths.
The others will find wallpaper ugliness and Vampire and Ninja mini apps elsewhere.
Writing is not for everybody and if you can't articulate with text a journal is nothing you will want over time.
I'm sure aquariums and photo exchanges have benefits better expressed elsewhere and that this portal might never be a perfect place for screen staring...

So I'm most curious about the direction the СУП/SUP mothership is heading with LiveJournal.
I can imagine they don't think that the end of fancy Pearl hacking for writers of all kinds has arrived already.