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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

the return of the new german liedgut

Who would have thought the GröIaZ song would have a follower so soon?
Of course, this one plays in a totally different league, musically speaking, but the lyrics are on the same viral quality, trying to burn something into your brain and making you a faithful servant of the authors.
But I'm sure the GröIaZ will never achieve such a level of pure enthusiasm for any of his activities like the one shown here.

Please welcome with me Deutz-Fahr's "Motivationslied für Feldbesteller".

Link to video on youTube.

Also, please don't threaten me after the enjoyment. It's all Spreeblick's fault!
And while we're at it, could somebody please post these brilliant lyrics for future generations?

"... wenn du auf die Scholle triffst
spürst Du es ist wieder da
das Gefühl "Ich fahr Deutz Fahr!"
- Unverwechselbar!"