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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

My New Year Resolution?

20 cm, err 1920 *1280, and growing.

Okej, I didn't say that. ;)
But since the year is still young and we certainly need more than fear of terrrrrists to struggle through 2008 I thought it might be a perfect time to rerun one of the all time classics of flash movies.
I lost it, when flash still meant: content going down with a geocities site.
But nowadays we have youTube for the rescue.
So without further ado, join me humming away:

Everybody else has had more sex than me!
Of course this has to change in 2008 in the first place, doesn't it? ;)

Link to YouTube video

PS: Actually I'm about to lower my resolution to 800*480. Maybe there's a hidden strategy behind it?
PPS: Reading masteremit's last entry I couldn't escape imagining this song in a future edition of Guitar Hero or Rock Band :) Millions of teenagers rocking away...
Would be just: Priceless.