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Gotta love the algorithm

I wondered a bit less about this really cool offer when I found out that they also wanted me to buy the XBOX360 version of Assassin's Creed because I have a coffee machine on my wish list
Gotta love this amazon.com algorithm

PS: Happy New Year, everybody! As I told my sister on the phone a few minutes ago I'd rather have years with somewhere around 3652 days and get worried by the constant change of seasons instead of having to watch the shit on TV on Dec, 31st, but well, the way it is, is not too stupid and I could easily imagine how it could be worse.
If one of those really bright contemporary German politicians with their fine sense of technical ignorance eg. would have thought out the system of the calendar. Then we would all be in a real mess...
So please enjoy your mental health, as much as is left of it, while the free roller coaster rides last.


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6. Jan 2008 07:57 (UTC)
Hehe. Du solltest anfangen, mehr wie McGuyver zu denken. Was man aus diesem tollen Set so alles an Waffen bauen könnte... *WOW* Wieviel kam das Set nochmal?
6. Jan 2008 11:50 (UTC)
Hmm, wieviel? Teurer als das Uran von Amazon war es jedenfalls. Deshalb musste ich es zensieren.
Auch waren die Verbraucher-Kommentare nicht gerade auf höchstem Niveau.
Drum: lieber Uran kaufen, da hat man mehr von.
Auch im Hinblick auf die Umbrella Corp.
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