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padłować to je to

Keeping the pace of the last entry today i want to give you some small insights about our recent trip to Lübbenau in the beautiful Spreewald not far from Berlin that happened about a week ago.
"We" were the ever charming red-haired Lola, her young, fast but not at all furious husband Timmy, Ania, my sweet non-Hungarian girl and YT. Four people, three bikes.
(A Kawasaki ZX-R 636, a Yamaha YZF 750 and a Kawasaki W650 for those in the know. Not a too homogenous mixture, but for the given purpose and roads still tolerable. At least IMHO.)

Nothing to report about the trip to Lübbenau, except that it always takes too long to escape the "Thick B" (=Berlin), to cite Seeed.

Upon a small trip a month ago we already had found out that not far from the castle Lübbenau there are several places to rent kayaks.
Of course we had to try that out.

I've had the experience before (hehe, as always ;>), but the others are just like typical New-Berliners.
Which means that besides the better known places in the city they're a little snow-blind for the surroundings and the countryside... ;-)

Anyway, we left rather early, at least in our comprehension, which was at about 10:30.
But since the weather was beautiful we were not the only ones to escape the city.
In the end we were lucky to get the last kayak and the last canoe left.
Did i tell you that we're all bloody Greenhorns - to cite Karl May - when it comes to anything including a steer and a paddle.
Well, and those didn't even feature a steer.

2 girls, 2 boats

So before you burst into laughter here comes a quick (and rather big) movie of Lola and Timmy entering the canoe.

Klick the image to watch "Going on board":
(19,3 MB, 1:22 min. QuickTime7 or other H.264-compliant software needed to watch)

Going on board.

But be warned: it's long and boring and has no splashy water sensations in it at all!
Watch the boat in the distance slowly approaching, as if some instant catastrophy was upon them.
But what were they afraid of? Bah.

Captions at the end:
A: aha
i: so what? [laughter]
i: we too then, ok?
A: well, rather! would be nice!
i: ok, so do something! [laughter]

So. I hope i ate up enough of your bandwidth and time for the moment.
No, nothing to thank for…
I sure spared the more interesting moments for your later amusement.
In polish then, hehe.