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n810 im landeanflug

The N810 has finally hit the German Nokia Store
But 459 Euros is the hefty price tag for GPS and a keyboard.
I understand that that's the way to tell customers to go to Amazon or elsewhere.
And look for a N800, perhaps ;)

Unfortunately during the order I was told that my promo code was wrong :(
So let's see how the phone hotline, which I called after a lot of seeking on the website, deals with this. And how long it takes them to contact me.

Update 16:26: I just got the call, but the person knew nothing about those codes and said, she'd have to ask the CEO (Geschäftsführer) for how to deal with this. Sounds interesting, tension rises ;)
Update 16:52: Another call and it seems they haven't even heard of the action on maemo.org!
I was asked to fax them the email with my discount code.
My question is: will the final delivery be by horse?
Update 19:58: The online shops in France and Spain have the N810, too. But for 399/400 €.
I'm confident that a price difference of 60 € for such a device serves as a good example for how far we are from a customer friendly common marketplace here in the EU.
Update saturday, 14:03: Ahaaaaaa.
Company communication is not an easy task. Especially on a global scale.
How much more between a company and it's open source community counterpart.
15th of Dec. is a good perspective, though.
I'm just curious, if the sales people find this out by themselves or if I have to tell them ;)

But I do appreciate the fast reaction to my call.
In comparison to phone providers' hotlines, for instance, Nokia scores just miles higher.
But the reason why they still use 01805 service numbers must be somewhere in the same pattern why they still use Flash everywhere on their websites and have URIs that are ridiculously cryptic.
I hope I'll be able to post some positive news here on Monday.

There is a nice bug in the store, where when browsed with Camino apparently the USt. tax is displayed in an unexpected place (but not counted!), whereas with Safari everything does as it should.
Also, Nokia has a nice tradition with small orthographic mistakes on their German websites.
I wonder who's their contractor, because no other Central European high profile company I'm aware of has such mistakes. Grammar and style, sometimes. But orthography? Only a few French or Italians do those, still... ;)