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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

time to party

It seems I'm among the lucky 500 people to be able to pester all the internets with "Got it" messages of the Nokia N810 type today ;)
First I didn't want to believe it, because 80% of the email I got was some ugly HTML gibberish. I mean really ugly. And lots of it.
But as soon as I saw the word "Midgard" reappear in between the tags the fact that it wasn't spam at all became more reasonable, because Midgard is the CMS used by the maemo team.
(So in proper English this means I'll soon get the opportunity to buy this device for a very nice price. And NO, it's not a mobile phone! Not at all.)

Who could fake a php-generated email, where much of unwanted HTML code was included, just to show that somebody at maemo doesn't test their stuff too much? ;)
Or maybe some very evil person even could.
But speculations aside, I now want my toy! ASAP!
I have been forced to look at christmas stuff in shops for weeks now…