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trying to get a useful tool (deal)

I applied for the N810 maemo device program today.
I think it would be very useful to use as a SQL-console for admins and developers, but haven't seen too many efforts in this direction, yet.

I've seen people eg. tinker with MySQL *on* the 770 and N800 and do stuff there, but that's mainly useless IMHO.
To have for instance a WordPress installation running locally on the Nokia N810 is maybe nice, if you're rsyncing it with a real server. Maybe.
On the other hand I can't see why I would want a big fat database system fiddle with my precious CPU time, memory and the file system on such a mobile device...

But to access and control all my remote databases from a N810 - THAT makes much more sense!
Having my scripts and connections with me all the time and cool intelligent GUI applications to deal directly with the RDBMS lets me drool from excitement.
But first, let's see, if the maemo people get my idea, too.
And then I see lots and lots of work to do.
I even like this perspective... ;)

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