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little, Lite pleasures

While others where out to play, apparently having great fun I delved a bit deeper into my Nintendo DS Lite.
And I must say, I like it not only from a gamer's but even from a technical perspective!
Who would have thought.

The black surface is a bit problematic, of course, but everybody with a "Piano Black" mobile phone or iPod or MacBook knows this pain: as soon you've holding it in your hands it will take exactly 3 minutes and there's nothing shiny on it any more.
But white or pink were not exactly my options...
(I suppose that's why there's a new silver model on the market now. Which I didn't buy, because of a momentary defective sector in my brain, I suppose.)

What I do like about it is:
- battery life. Played "Another Code" yesterday for about 6 hours without even thinking about having played for several hours the day before. I shall have to measure this, but I think that's a great feature. Oh well, and for all the iPod fan people out there: the battery is replaceable. Spell it: re-place-a-ball. :P

- ease of use. Unlike the Sony PSP you don't get a multifunctional multimedia multipurpose hitech wonder, but s.th. where you put in your cartridge and play right away. Without that the only thing you can do with the DS is changing some settings and receiving demo games from other players. For somebody who prefers simple stuff over anything with "professional" in the name this is a big plus.

- Snap: it sleeps. Snap: it's on again. Zero wait.

- the form factor. Unlike the PSP the DS is just so tiny and light that you want to carry it around with you everywhere. It's definitely NOT going to serve as a dust catcher in the rest room. ;)

- the screens. Very clear, very bright, very interactive (one of them).

- the games. The first one I bought with the device was "Lost Magic".
It's a cute action/strategy game from Taito, but it's also very hard. So I'm stuck somewhere early and will have to beg my more talented friends to help me out. Or maybe not ;)
But what I bought the DS for were adventure games, and after "Another Code", "Hotel Dusk" is on my list, and I just watched the intro a few minutes ago.
And I must tell you, this game and the potential it shows is exactly why I studied film directing many many years ago!
I don't want to go deeper into this topic now, because I think I'll come back to this game in a later posting.

What I don't like:
- form follows function a little®. Unfortunately the ergonomics of the device aren't anything to write home about. It's square and has all the necessary buttons. That's how much effort Nintendo put into it. And why is the VOL switch in the front, where you unwillingly reset the volume every now and then? But I'll put that under simplistic design and accept ist for now. Still the DS Lite is a big step into the right direction form the DS.

- WiFi. It has wireless built in, yes. But whoever built this feature must have been stuck behind thick concrete walls some 4 years ago. Because - believe it or not - the DS is not WPA-ready! In fact, according to information on the official nintendo-wifi site there are tons of routers where even the flaked WEP encryption option won't function!
Who would be so stupid to open up their wireless LAN at home to get access to the DS's online feature?
Well, yes, I know: too many people, still.
But as a responsible company Nintendo shouldn't encourage that.
So this is a big minus in my book and in this light it doesn't help that all DS owners in Germany can play at T-Mobile Hotspots for free.
Because even here one feels the lack of detail every game feature of Nintendo apparently does have. If you only have 3 slots for defining places to play from, how comfortable can it be for a frequent traveller to set up WiFi in every other city?

But these quirks are not mission critical in my humble opinion.
I like the thing as much as a Wii is likeable: It's inovative and it's fun. Period.

The only major remaining minus is, that since I won't go out any more because of it and thus will lose even more contact with social entities and reality, where and with whom can I try out the "friends' features" of many of the DS games?
Maybe I should indeed open up my FON-WiFi to play over the internets...

Who cares if the terrorists win, anyway...


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26. Okt 2007 12:28 (UTC)
I want to...
26. Okt 2007 12:29 (UTC)
You want to WHAT? Please feel free to elaborate! :)
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