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worte sparen, bedeutung gewinnen

I just read an article at wired.com about different english speaking writers' attempts to create a short story within six words.
Hemingway's original still shines bright in comparison.

Suddenly it appeared to me that in German it takes only 3 words to tell his story!
I like my language, but normally I'm a bit unsatisfied with the length of our composite words and flexed verbs.
Well, yes, I'm aware, there's nothing I could ever change about that ;)
"Und das ist auch gut so." (See, that's also six words!)

So what did Mr. Ernest Hemingway write then?

"Verkaufe: Babyschuhe, ungetragen."

As soon as my muse kisses me I'll try to do one myself. But you can try it, too! ;)