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The AOL Messiah
The AOL Messiah
Everybody is fooling around with Facebook nowadays, right? So did I.
Which means trying this and that, watching how it works and getting out of there unharmed.
That was my purpose.
One nasty thing that bothered me from the beginning was the import of friends into your "space" (ahem) through importing the whole address book of one of my mailboxes.
While I know it makes a lot of sense for Facebook i just hate such viral behaviour that seems to be common sense in all the social networks of Web 2.0.
Fortunately I had this AIM account lying around with only few people in it and I gave the import mechanism a shot (and my password btw., over port 80!).
How amazed was I to find above proposition!
This sure is a good joke for me!
But I wonder what those bigot enlightened U.S. Christians will say once they find out who the AIM System Bot thinks he it is.