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LiveJournal auto-post

in the neverending story of Sony BMG trying to steal the properties of OUR computers in order to keep our poor struggling orbit balanced i had no other choice than to make this my goth day.
please welcome the stereotype young female hysteric as set in scene by Katja Piolka with music of a band she doesn't give credits to...

don't forget to read her comments on what happened to her camera before you try to do anything similiar ;-)


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1. Sep 2007 11:04 (UTC)
where? :-)
1. Sep 2007 11:08 (UTC)
Oh there was this LJ info that said they have a new auto-content funtion in the works. Apparently it looks for entries in English only and mixes them together.
I'll give it another try when I have more stuff in English here. ;)
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