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uncommon tragedies

early this morning i dreamt i broke my powerbook at the edge of the bed.
the experience was very sad and very real.
i wondered how i'd manage to get a replacement, that would be worth it.
i knew apple had nothing in stock at the moment that interested me.
i thought about the money i would need for a repair and perhaps i'd better partially traded some parts in and got me a macbook.
but no! i wanted my tiny dead. mac. back. intact!
i was really desperate.

then i woke up and there it was. unbroken and silent.
what a joy.

so for tonight i try to dream a bit about me and REAL relationship.
i think i won't share the results.


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28. Aug 2007 16:35 (UTC)
Poor one. What a nightmare!!!
28. Aug 2007 16:46 (UTC)
oh, hehe, it got worse.
tonight i dreamt i came back to film school (i've wanted to travel to Lodz for years, but haven't, yet) and the changes there weren't of the kind i expected.

i already thought of writing another entry and begin some kind of "my scary world vision" series or something.
but i think it's rather high time for me to really develop a plan ;)
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