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Allgäu 2007 Bonus Track

Allgäu 2007 Bonus Track Tonis Kuh-Umtrieb
small 3GP edition, 5'25 Min
Taken with a Nokia 6288, compressed from 80,7 MB to 3,2 MB and a smaller frame size but otherwise unedited.
In addition to yesterdays entry, here's a really extended take of a herd's movement from one field to another.
There's nothing wrong in yelling at and talking with young cows, as you can see (?). They'll follow their leader like puppies. Funny animals. Unfortunately I was too late at the beginning. You should have seen them run to him! :D
I try to get a bigger version of the video done, that's right under the 30 MB file limit of scrapbook, but fiddling around with compression formats hasn't given the desired result so far. I know why people like youTube et. al. But I'd prefer to avoid yet another identity stealer service. They all are. And we know it.
Please check again later if you like what you've seen.
Here we go. Friends only.


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23. Aug 2007 06:18 (UTC)
How cute. Almost like Underground Catwalk :-P - no not really. Better!

23. Aug 2007 17:54 (UTC)
I've always had the opinion that cows are cuter than cats.
The following trouble in finding girlfriends is part of the whole tragedy of my life
*muuuuhuuuuuhuuuuu* :D
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