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In case you missed his wisdom, don't worry, I do, too, sometimes. :-)
SOooo here's this great cat quote that made me giggle today. Actually I stole it. But who cares anyway.

If you don't know what a cat is, it's sort of like a stuffed animal, but with a working asshole. I'll admit that when I went to the pound I was actually shopping for a never-ending box of shit, and the cat just came with it. I brought the box home and made sure it was working, and I was just gonna throw the cat away, but you get used to them.

In whole glory quicktime video you can watch zefrank say this. And other wise things. All it needs is a simple click.
Btw. A cat would never do this. That's why they have US.


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30. Nov 2006 08:48 (UTC)
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