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LJ Chat

Maybe i'm the last one to know, but trying out LJ Chat according to their short instructions brought a nice insight: all my (2) LJ friends are indeed instantly added to my contact list in the client (i use Adium, of course).
First i was skeptic ("why use another IM account? wasn't google chat and skype already too late to game?"), but then again - if you already have those contacts in LJ, why not chat with them occasionally?
time will tell if this nice feat helps LJ survive in the race against other social networks growing out of the forest ground like mushrooms lately. still it's the least annoying network by far. according to my very own stupid measures and low standards.
don't forget to drink your milk, my dear.

PS: In case you wonder, too: there indeed is no need to enter a "server" anywhere in the IM client configuration. It seems yourname@livejournal.com and password are sufficient information for everything to work.

PPS: And it works with Gmail-accounts, too!
Just add any buddy with a Google-Chat account to your list and you're ready to chat as soon as they're online!
Finally no more need to become a Gmail drone yourself ;-)
Now i'm not too much of a fan of the telephone - or voicemail, if you prefer a buzzword - but that should work, too, with the Gizmo-Project software.


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19. Okt 2006 07:39 (UTC)
Have to try this. Anyway, i should eliminate most of the other IM-Software at my PC. But sadly, most of the projects for combining different IM systems have had problems with things like file transfer, voice or video. Do you have any idea, how the situation is now?
19. Okt 2006 07:53 (UTC)
when it comes to file transfer Skype sadly seems to rule. but i'm not doing that often.
how it works with jabber is a thing that we should try out, perhaps.
gizmo project can do voice and files, but no video (yet) and is at least open source and available for win, mac and linux.
but it's too much a rip off of skype to be real fun...
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