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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

thanks masteremit and robinvon for reminding me of something.

IMHO in every culture one has to deal not with 7 or 12, but with more than 50% idiots.
not in a political way. just stupid people.
let's call them "the beast" for a better understanding.

so what frightens our big politicians a.k.a. "the sleeping princesses" nowadays is not this simple fact, but the question what might happen when more and more of those people "under bad influence" vote for parties that "really" represent them more (in all their stupidity) than their fine big established "democratic" princess parties....
and they even might come out of the woods/flats.
and ugliness and senseless aggressiveness might show up everywhere.
no nice thought at all.
it doesn't make me nervous any more.

i think the fear for their very own asses might be a good motivation for these princesses at power to finally get some honorable work done.
but their fear is clearly not mine.
i have to deal with enough idiots/beasts every day and i am sure that not every one of them has a NPD voter sign on his/her forehead.

so the "sensation" of whoever the stupid masses voted for and might vote for next is just another poorly acted scenario of the "freedom vs. democracy" death match many politicians/princesses have been trying to perform on us for some time now.
pointing to protesting, radical and racist voters as a problem which _now_ has to be really taken care of is just another means of distraction from incompetence, laziness and love of manipulation of those princesses in power.

i believe we as a society _can_ deal with quite some percent of real idiots in the midst of those CDU/SPD/FDP/PDS/Grüne representatives' shepherds.
because it's a mirror of what we experience on the streets.
and somehow i even begin to like the thought that finally THE PRINCESSES have our everyday problem, too! ;-)

let's not forget that most governments want their masses to be really dumb.
if it's in line with their dogma.

this is a misconception.
either you fight the beast or you feed it.
but as long as you behave cowardly you cannot teach it.
and don't even try to start educating it from in front of a mirror, uuuuuuhm... camera.


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25. Sep 2006 07:32 (UTC)
i just can say: I AGREE!!!
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