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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

i must confess i haven't had a chance to try this out, yet.
but chances are we're coming nearer to the goal.
all that has to happen is the Dutch "Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity Party" winning elections in November.
which, of course, is not going to happen.
and reading about some edge points of their program here makes me wish they never will.

of course, one might argue that it's about freedom, tolerance and choice and not about sexual deviations only.

in the light of recent discussions on homophobia, conservatism and backwards orientation in Poland i couldn't resist to confront you with the other extreme.
so, would you legalize sex with children young people in exchange for free train travels?

do i see a new paradise for sex tourism in the midst of Europe on the horizon here? ;-)


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21. Jul 2006 07:53 (UTC)
They are from the Netherlands. But anyway. I thought this is more a joke than real and now they are allowed? Tzzz. Strange World!
21. Jul 2006 08:17 (UTC)
thanks. corrected. it was too early, too hot.

if this indeed is a joke for them i can't think of much worse jokes.
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