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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

the worst is over (not just, yet)

Thanks, my friends for all your thumbs.
You can loosen them for a few weeks now.

I passed my second (of four) exams today, which gives me the official score of a Database Sorcerer's Junior Assistant's Left Hand in spe®.

Which means: 2 more to go until July.
My brain sure felt like a slightly hanging harddisk during the last days, and more of these days are still ahead.
But this milestone was very important for me.

Everybody who knows me in person can imagine how hard this whole stuff is for such a free floating, sarcastic and undisciplined mind like mine.
But it was my own choice, so i complain and whine only a little. Sometimes. Hopefully not for too long.

I could take some sun baths and a few Mai Tais now.
But wait.... what's the matter with this weather here??
I suppose this means i have to go ahead and spare the tannig until late July...
Chances are.



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31. Mai 2006 07:00 (UTC)
congrats again and yeah, i remember, that you were really scared (just a bit) about this exam. after this weekend we should meet for some mai tai :-)
31. Mai 2006 15:42 (UTC)
Thanks again, very much!
In this your ever charming way you want to tell me that you're away over the weekend and also don't plan to go PD tonight, right?
Gotcha! ;-)
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