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Letzter Eintrag


A while ago i began to take photos of things before I threw them away.
It wasn't a decision that I made, but a rather a inuitive solution to the common problem, that I inhabit a flat full of things that have adventures and stories and precious moments attached to them and the more I collected, the less space was left for me. Or emptiness. Or something else, even nicer. Etc.

Even the best flats tend to fill up and become uncomfortable the longer you live in them and you have to accomplish some kind of healthy balance between irritating and sterile.
Unfortunately they teach you no golden rule in school and our moms aren't really helping, too ;)
So you have to find out for yourself by trial and error …

Many years later, as I said, I just took photos like this one on my smartphone every time I had to leave something behind that once was kind of precious to me, or unique in itself or attached to an experience.
But when I occasionally told someone about it, the common reaction was a curious "Why?"
I didn't know the answer until recently. Now I think it's just simple and not too stupid:
I wannt to preserve my memories longer this way.
Not in some abstract matter of filling another digital photo album in the cloud with weird stuff, no.

See, I already have a wooden chest full of old Russian literature for when I'm old, to train my brain and still have fun then.
With those photos some appropriate day in the future I can create my own  "Memory" like concentration game, after I'm through with the Russians, if you know what I mean ;)
And even in case those snapshots of MY time can't help me recover the magic of the original moments then any more, still I'm curious if they'll make a difference to, let's say, being forced to watching ridiculous shows on TV or tablets or what they'll serve then. I hope they'll do.

I think it's worth trying.